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About the site...

I first noticed Diahann Carroll when a Swedish TV channel showed a re-run of Dynasty in the mid 90's. From the first moment she appeared on the TV screen I knew I had to know more about this classic beauty. And when I heard her sing I knew I was hooked! So I started to look for information on the internet (such as it was back then) and I learned about her albums, her Broadway shows, her TV series and her movies. I found her old albums in second hand record stores, and I bought some VHS tapes of her screen appearances. In 1997 Ms. Carroll released her The Time of my Life album, and I loved it. Well, I could go on and on - I had discovered a wealth of wonderful material that this lady had put out since the 1950's and I felt like a child on Christmas Day, opening one surprise gift after another!
One thing I missed back then was a website dedicated to Ms. Carroll. So in January, 2000, I started scanning magazine covers, album covers and other pictures, and I started to collect any data I could find concerning my chosen subject. The result was Diahann!, the very first fan site exclusively dedicated to Diahann Carroll. It was launched on April 30th, 2000. And almost ten years later I launched an updated version of it, one which I hope you all will like! These days Ms. Carroll has her own official web site, but there will never be too many Diahann sites on the web, right?! (If you have a Diahann Carroll-related site, please let me know!)
I would like to thank all the wonderful people I've been in contact with during the last ten years. Fans of Ms. Carroll seem to be in a class of their own! I also would like to say Thank You to Diahann Carroll herself (although I know she doesn't come near a computer if she doesn't have to!) for always being the class act that she is. The world is a better place because of artists like you!

About me...

My name is Michael and I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. I used to work as a technician on a large media company here in Sweden, but when I reached my 30's I realized I wanted to return to my first love here in life - literature. So, at the age of 33 I went back to school and I eventually took my Bachelor's Degree in Literature. As I felt I was on the right track, I soon decided to take a Master in Library and Information Science, and that's what I'm doing right now. Well, what was it they said about old dogs and learning new tricks? I've learned a bunch of new tricks!
When it comes to entertainment Diahann Carroll is one of my heroines. Diana Ross, Vanessa Williams, Natalie Cole, Dionne Warwick, Diana Krall, Barbra Streisand and Olivia Newton-John are a few others. I'm also a keen fan of science fiction and fantasy, both in literature and motion pictures. Authors like Ursula K. LeGuin, C.S. Lewis, Lloyd Alexander, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov and movies like Star Trek (including all the T.V. series) and 2001 are close to my heart. And I love classic authors like Wilde, Poe, Brontë, and Woolf. Well I can go on and on, but I think this will do. One final thing though. Please be kind to this Earth of ours, including all creatures living on it. And please consider a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle for the sake of the animals, the environment, your health and for a better and kinder place for the coming generations.

Thanks for visiting my Diahann Carroll web site!


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