Diahann Carroll Sings Harold Arlen Songs (1957)

It's Only A Paper Moon
(H. Arlen-O. Rose-E.Y. Harburg) (from the Paramount film "Take a Chance")
What's Good About Goodbye
(H. Arlen-L. Robin) (from the Universal-International film "Casbash")
A Sleeping Bee
(H. Arlen-T. Capote) (from the Broadway Musical "House of Flowers")
My Shining Hour
(H. Arlen-I. Mercer) (from the RKO film "The Sky's the Limit")
Hit The Road To Dreamland
(H. Arlen-J. Mercer) (from the Paramount film "Star Spangled Rhythm")
Over The Rainbow
(H.Arlen-E.Y.Harburg) (from the MGM film "The Wizard of Oz")
Come Rain Or Come Shine
(H.Arlen -J.Mercer) (from the Broadway Musical "St. Louis Woman)
You're A Builder-Upper
(H.Arlen-I.Gershwin-E.Y.Harburg)  (from the Musical Revue "Life Begins at 8:40")
Out Of This World
(H.Arlen-J.Mercer) (from the Paramount film "Out of This World")
I Wonder What Became Of Me 
(H.Arlen-J.Mercer) (from the Broadway Musical "St. Louis Woman")
Down With Love
(H.Arlen-E.Y.Harburg)  (from the Broadway Musical "Hooray for What?")
Let's Take The Long Way Home
(from the Paramount film "Here Come the Waves")


Performed by Diahann Carroll with Ralph Burns and His Orchestra
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by RALPH BURNS
Here follows parts of the original liner notes:

Diahann (pronounced "Diane") Carroll strikes me as being an ideal interpreter of this music. A Bronx girl, she was a winner on TV's "Chance of a Lifetime" contest, sang in the night clubs, and appeared in the movie "Carmen Jones" before she landed the role of Ottille in Broadway's "House of  Flowers" a few seasons ago. Though not a commercial success, "House of Flowers" was blessed with a Harold Arlen score; and Miss Carroll's exquisite delivery of lovely piece, A Sleeping Bee, that came along midway in the first act, was one of its most delightful aspects. (At her first audition, she had been rejected as "too inexperienced" for the part, so she trained very hard for six months, won another audition, and was accepted). Singing A Sleeping Bee and other numbers in the show, Miss Carroll disclosed a natural affinity for Arlen's music - for its somewhat intricate (for popular music) rhythmic structure and its frequent jazziness - and she also showed the voice to range over its often broad melodies. Here, for the first time, Miss Carroll, supported by sensitively varied arrangements created and conducted by Ralph Burns, can be heard exercising her smooth and flexible soprano on other Arlen material.
Douglas Watt
Radio Corporation of America, 1957


RCA/BMG reissued the album on CD in Spain in 1997, catalogue number 74321478692. There was a Japanese CD edition issued in 1998 (see picture above), catalogue number BVCJ-7477 (74321-47869-2). Both these CD's featured the same track listing as the original lp. The Japanese edition also included lyrics. Yet another CD edition was released in Japan in 2008.
In 2007, Flare released an expanded CD version of the album - click here for more info on that release.