House of Flowers (1955)

Dolores Harper, Ada Moore, Enid Mosier
One Man Ain't Quite Enough
Pearl Bailey
A Sleepin' Bee
Diahann Carroll, Dolores Harper, Ada Moore, Enid Mosier
Bamboo Cage
Dolores Harper, Ada Moore, Enid Mosier
House Of Flowers
Diahann Carroll, Enid Mosier
Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree
Ada Moore, Enid Mosier
What Is A Friend For?
Pearl Bailey
Mardi Gras Walz
M. Burton
I Never Has Seen Snow
Diahann Carroll
I'm Gonna Leave Off Wearing My Shoes
Diahann Carroll
Has I Let You Down
Pearl Bailey, Dolores Harper, Ada Moore, Enid Mosier
Slide "Boy" Slide
Juanita Hall
Don't Like Goodbyes
Pearl Bailey
Turtle Song
Diahann Carroll, Rawn Spearman

Bonus tracks on 2003 CD edition:
Mardi Gras Waltz
Percy Faith
Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree
Enid Mosier
Ottilie And The Bee
Truman Capote
A Sleepin' Bee (Demo Recording)
Harold Arlen


Original Broadway Cast Recording.
Music: Harold Arlen
Lyrics: Truman Capote and Harold Arlen
Based on short story by: Truman Capote
Musical director: Jerry Arlen
Orchestrations: Ted Royal
Vocalists on each track as listed above.
This is outtakes from the original back sleeve notes:

With Pearl Bailey, empress of all she surveys, starred as Mme Fleur, House of Flowers raised its vivid curtain in Philadelphia on the evening of November 24, 1954. It would be risky to imagine what William Pennmight have thought of this colorful fantasy, but contemporary residents were enchanted. /../
  In House of Flowers, Miss Bailey's brilliantly-etched portrait of Mme Fleur is locked in bitter struggle with Mme Tango (played by Juanita Hall) for the custom of local residents and visiting sports. The House of Flowers has been visited by an epidemic of mumps, while its rival has been visited by the personnel of a visiting battleship. Mme Fleur's hopes for regaining her commanding position lie in the person of her protégé, Ottilie (Diahann Carroll), who wants only to marry a mountain-boy, Royal (Rawn Spearman). Despite the stratagems of Mme Fleur, young love emerges triumphant, but she too has her triumph when an obliging ship's captain lures away the whole of Mme Tango's personnel on a world cruise. /../
  Diahann Carroll makes her debut in House of Flowers as Mme Fleur's protégé, Ottilie. A winner of a Metropolitan Opera School scholarship, she appeared on the television program "Chance of a Lifetime" and won honors for three consecutive weeks. An engagement at the Latin Quarter followed, with further club and television work hot on its heels. Like Miss Bailey, she appears in Carmen Jones on the screen. /../


In her first autobiography, Diahann!, Diahann reveals that on the day of recording the cast album she had such a bad cold that Harold Arlen himself had to sing the high note of "A Sleeping Bee"!
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An expanded CD edition was released in 2003 (Sony Classical / Coumbia / Legacy #SK86857). It includes a few bonus tracks (as listed above, none of them featuring Diahann Carroll), a synopsis, notes by Howard Kissell and some previously unseen photos. But most important, it includes the entire Broadway Cast Recording in remastered and restored glory.