Diahann Carroll (1974)

Easy To Love
(B. Reneau/H. Bynum)
Anybody Else
(B. Raisin/J. Levitt)
After Being Your Lover
(Freddie Hart)
A Perfect Love
(Paul Williams)
I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You
(N. Ashford/V. Simpson)
I've Been There Before
(Bud Reneau)
I Mean To Shine
(W. Becker/D. Fagin)
Somewhere Between Love And Tomorrow
(B. Reneau/T. Lazaros)
Sweet, Sweet Candy
(Bud Reneau)
I've Never Been A Fool Like This Before
(Lori Jacobs)


Produced by Joe Porter.
Arrangers Michael O'Martian, Jimmie Haskell, Clark Gassman.

Not many knows about Diahann's short venture with Motown Records. The result: one album. Two singles was scheduled for release; "To A Gentler Time" (1974) and "I've Been There Before" (also in 1974) but they never materialized. Although the album was released on what some thinks of as a pure soul/pop label, the album is more Las Vegas than Detroit (a city Motown by now had left for new offices in Los Angeles).
The album was originally released in 1974, but was reissued as late as in 1986 (in the UK). Motown wanted to cash in on Diahann's success in the  TV night time soap, Dynasty.


This album is not available on CD, nor have any of the tracks on the album ever been included on one of the hundreds of Motown compilation albums that has been issued over the years. To be honest, this is not one of Diahann's better albums but it still would be nice to see it re-released on CD. And maybe there are some vault tracks to be discovered?