Burke's Law (1994)

When Burke's Law made its come-back on TV it focused almost as much on all the famous guest stars as it did on the stories. Aaron Spelling was behind the show, and not many actors or actresses said no to him. Neither did Diahann Carroll - and why should she, after having been part of Dynasty for several years she got to know the Spelling's, and she was after all very thankful for what Dynasty had made with her career.
  The re-vamped Burke's Law starred Gene Barry, just like it used to do. New to the series was his "son", Peter Barton. Bever-Leigh Banfield and Dom DeLuise also starred. The episode that Diahann guest starred in was called "Who Killed the Beauty Queen?", and was first aired January 28, 1994. Other guest stars in that episode was Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Berkley and Joanna Cassidy.


Not available on DVD.

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