I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (1979)

Based on Maya Angelou's autobiography, this moving TV film was made in 1978. Diahann actually doesn't have one of the bigger parts in this film, but it's an important role she plays - as Maya's selfish, yet lovely, mother. The story takes place in the Depression-era Arkansa, where Maya grows up with her brother - staying at their grandmother's house, where their parents sent them after their divorce. Suddenly their mother wants them back, but when tradegy strikes, the mother can't cope with it, and she sends the children back. This film is about growing up... "In order to lift your voice, you have to lift your head".


Paul Benjamin ... Freeman
Diahann Carroll ... Vivian
Ruby Dee ... Grandmother Baxter
Roger E. Mosley ... Bailey Sr.
Esther Rolle ... Momma
Madge Sinclair ... Miss Flowers
Constance Good ... Maya
John Driver ... Bailey Jr.
Sonny Jim Gaines ... Uncle Willie
Art Evans ... Principal
J. Don Ferguson ... Mr. Donleavy
Georgia Allen ... Mrs. Gurney
Darleen Taylor ... 1st Girl
Darryl Antony Williams ... Tommy Valdon
Tonea Stewart ... Lillie

Directed by Fielder Cook
Written by Leonora Thuna, Maya Angelou
Based on the novel by Maya Angelou


Released on VHS 1993, 1998. Sadly not released on DVD.

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