Ces't La Vie (1967)

In 1967, Diahann teamed up with famous French entertainer Maurice Chevalier for a colorful and exciting TV special called Ces't La Vie. Taped in Paris, it included songs like "What The World Needs Now", "Walking Happy", "Just In Time", "I Love Paris" and "Some Of These Days". There was solo performances, as well as duets. The scenography was for it's time very advanced and intricate. The producer and director, Jean-Christophe Averty, conceived the entire production with Diahann in mind. The problem was that Diahann was anything but impressed with his efforts as she explains in her book, The Legs Are The Last To Go:.

"He [the director] was some kind of avant-garde sensation and his goal was to create an Op-Art spectacle with his two stars and chorus. That's how we ended up with Monsieur Chevalier singing "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries" while, for reasons I will never understand, dancers in leotards moved aroundhimholding up giant lips and mustaches. I don't rememebr anything I sang other than "I Love Paris". But I do remember trying to get through a song set against a set that was a maxe of mirrors, and having to stop at the end of every phrase. You can't deliver any meaning to an audience if you can't sing a song through to the end. This was supposed to be art. Instead, it was boring, pretentious, and big in every way except emotionally."