The Courage to Love (2000)

Talented singer/actress Vanessa Williams stars in The Courage to Love, a TV movie based on the inspirational life story of Henriette Delille. This Lifetime Original Movie showcases Henriette's  rebellion against tradition and battle against racism in the search for a higher love. 
  Henriette Delille, a free woman of color, was born in 1813 into one of New Orleans' most prominent families. Her family assumed she would follow her mother and sister's footsteps and become a mistress for a wealthy white man. However, Henriette had different plans for her life. She realized her calling was to assist the sick and the dying, regardless of their race - a controversial decision in race-charged New Orleans. In 1842, she co-founded the Sisters of the Holy Family, a group of Catholic nuns dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Though Henriette died in 1862 the work of the Sisters of the Holy Family continues today. 
  Diahann Carroll co-stars as Henriette's mother, Pouponne. It also stars Stacy Keach and Gil Bellows. It was filmed mainly in Montreal in 1999. 


Vanessa Williams ... Mother Henriette Delille
Gil Bellows ... Dr. Gerard Gaultier
Karen Williams ... Julie Gadin
Lisa Bronwyn Moore ... Marie Alicot
David La Haye ... Father Rousselon
Cynda Williams ... Cecelia Delille
Diahann Carroll ... Pouponne
Stacy Keach ... Jean Baptiste
Eddie Bo Smith Jr. ... Jacques
Graeme Somerville ... Paul Cartier
Kevin Jubinville ... Frank Morgan
Susannah Hoffmann ... Anne Morgan
Jean-Louis Roux ... Bishop Blanc
Lise Roy ... Mother Superior
Raven Dauda ... Betsie

Directed by Kari Skogland
Written by Heather Hale and Toni Ann Johnson
First aired January 24, 2000 on LifeTime.


Released on DVD by Screen Media Ventures.


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