The Court (2002)

The Court Cast

The Court was supposed to be Sally Field's big comeback to the TV screen, but was cancelled by ABC after only it's third airing. The three remaining episodes in this 6 episode long mid-season series was never showed.

There was some anticipation when the series was first announced, but problems behind the camera (script rewrites etc) delayed the series, and ultimately weekend it's position even before the first episode. Most critics agreed that the plot was too thin, and the story not very believable or engaging. This is a big shame, since this show finally gave Ms Carroll a big part in a TV series and not only a guest appearance (as she has had in recent series as Touch By An Angel and Twice In A Lifetime). Diahann was seen as Justice Angela DeSett, and she got good reviews:

"Diahann Carroll, playing down her own formidable glamour, and the saturnine Chris Sarandon are more convincing than Fields as fellow associate justices."
(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 24, 2002).

"She (Field) and Diahann Carroll (the other female Justice on the court) are the best part of the show, and should get writing truly worthy of their talents."
(, March 26, 2002)

"And the rest of the cast -- particularly Chris Sarandon, Miguel Sandoval and Diahann Carroll, playing an icy liberal justice -- is uniformly fine. But actors need a script to make magic, and here they just have lines."
(Detroit News, March 26, 2002)

Sally Field had better luck a few years later when she starred as Nora Walker in ABC's Brothers and Sisters.

These are the titles of the The Court episodes:
1. 26-Mar-02 Life Sentence
2. 02-Apr-02 Due Process
3. 09-Apr-02 Stay
4. UNAIRED Snakes in the Grass
5. UNAIRED A Wing and a Prayer
6. UNAIRED Back in the Bottle


Sally Field ... Justice Audrey Karlin
Diahann Carroll ... Justice Angela DeSett
Pat Hingle ... Chief Justice Amos Townsend
Chris Sarandon ... Justice Lucas Voorhees
Miguel Sandoval ... Justice Roberto Martinez
Christina Hendricks ... Betsy Tyler
Nicole DeHuff ... Alexis Cameron
Hill Harper ... Christopher Bell
Craig Bierko ... Harlan Brandt
Josh Radnor ... Dylan Hirsch

Created by: Carol Flint
Produced by: John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.


Not available on DVD.

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