The Diahann Carroll Special (1971)

Diahann with Harry Belafonte

In April, 1971, Diahann hosted her own TV special for the first time. It featured special guests Harry Belafonte and Tom Jones (with Bill Cosby and Donald Sutherland appearing in cameo roles). During the one hour long show, Diahann performed "New World Coming", "Motherless Child", "God Bless The Child", "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" and other songs, as well as doing a fashion segment while singing "if my Friends Could See Me Know". Diahann was joined by Tom Jones in "Help!" and by Harry Belfonte in "Circle 'Round the Sun". 
Said Diahann at the time, "After three or four years in a non-musical series, people tend to forget you spent 15 years as a singer. When I played Las Vegas after the first season of Julia, people kept coming up after the show and saying they didn't even know I could sing. Well I can, and I am doing everything I can to prov it." The show aired on the evening of April 5, 1971.