The Five Heartbeats (1991)

Seventeen (!) years after her last motion picture, Diahann Carroll returned to the silver screen as Eleanor Potter, the wife of the manager of a 60's singing group (The Five Heartbeats). Director Robert Townsend especially wanted Ms. Carroll to be part of the movie - he had admired her ever since he was a child.
  The Five Heartbeats is first and foremost a film about friendship. It tells the story of five buddies with the same dream of "making music" who join forces as the Sixties are unfolding. Alike in their inexperience but highly individual in their sensibilities, they travel together through three decades that are marked equally by success and tragedy. Operating both like a family and like rivals, they remain devoted to one another.
  Diahann, like in many other of her motion pictures, sadly doesn't have a very large role, but she makes the best out of it (as always!), and brings the character to life in the scenes she's in. The movie is well worth checking out!


Robert Townsend ... Duck
Michael Wright ... Eddie
Leon ... J.T.
Harry Lennix ... Dresser
Tico Wells ... Choirboy
Diahann Carroll ... Eleanor Potter
Harold Nicholas ... Sarge
Tressa Thomas ... Duck's Baby Sister
John Canada Terrell ... Michael 'Flash' Turner
Chuck Patterson ... Jimmy Potter
Hawthorne James ... Big Red
Roy Fegan ... Bird
Troy Beyer ... Baby Doll
Carla Brothers ... Tanya Sawyer
Deborah Lacey ... Rose

Directed by: Robert Townsend
Written by: Robert Townsend & Keenen Ivory Wayans

The movie premiered March 29, 1991 and was released by Twentieth Century Fox.


Released on VHS in the 90's. Released on DVD in 2001 - this widescreen edition also includes the film trailers and some behind-the-scene footage. Rereleased in 2006, this time labeled as The 15th Anniversary Special Edition.


  The soundtrack does not feature Diahann Carroll but is great anyway.


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