Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing (1968)

This TV-show, starring Frank Sinatra, with special guest stars Diahann Carroll and 5th Dimension, was taped in 1968. Lasting 50 minutes, it's an all-singing show with music arranged and conducted by Don Costa. Diahann (Mr. Sinatra pretends to not know how to pronounce her name) sings two solo numbers, as well as a medley with Frank. The show first aired on November 25, 1968, and was later nomonated for a Primetime Emmy.

Diahann solo
*(It's The) Music That Makes Me Dance
*Where Am I Going

Frank and Diahann Medley
*Deep River (instrumental)
*Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
*Lonesome Road
*Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen


Released on VHS and DVD.


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