The Front (2010)

The Front, a Lifetime network produced TV movie based on Patricia Cornwell's novel, first aired on April 17, 2010. It was the follow up to At Risk, which aired one week earlier. Both these made for TV movies starred Andie MacDowell and Daniel Sunjata, with Diahann Carroll co-starring as Nana (the grandmother of Sunjata's character).

Neither of the two Cornwell movies managed to generate much excitement in the entertainment business, although many critics and viewers alike thought Diahann Carroll was great as detective Garano's eccentric 'Nana'. For example, Variety wrote in their mostly negative review of At Risk, that "Carroll is a welcome screen presence, creating the pic's most colorful and appealing character". Daniel Sunjata said in an 2010 interview with Jim Halterman that it was "truly, truly wonderful" to work with Diahann, continuing by telling that "when I [Sunjata] told my father I was going to be working with Diahann Carroll he said ‘Oh you have to tell that woman I’ve had a crush on her for 25 years!’".


Andie MacDowell ... Monique Lamont
Daniel Sunjata ... Win Garano
Ashley Williams ... Stump
Joe Grifasi ... Mr. Zeffirelli
Dane DeHaan ... Cal Tradd
Diahann Carroll ... Nana
Zak Santiago ... Roy
Matt Bois ... Lonnie Paris
Patricia Cornwell ... Waitress
Stephanie Crosby ... Newscaster
Zoe Doyle ... Nurse #2
Rutherford Gray ... Detective #1
Staci Gruber ... Bartender
Quancetia Hamilton ... Aide
Heather Hanson ... Cal's Mother

Directed by Tom McLoughlin
Written by John Pielmeier, based on novel by Patricia Cornwell


Released on DVD in most countries, including the UK and North America.

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