Hurry Sundown (1967)

Hurry Sundown had everything going for it - a top cast and a famous director (Otto Preminegr), yet it flopped. Set in the south in the days just after World War II, a black and a white farmer team up to irrigate their fields and escape the crushing poverty that their families live under. This will cause problems for the plans of a rich landowner who will try using family, law, and even his retarded son in order to stop them. This is in my opinion not a very, very bad movie, although critics and even many of those acting in it slashed it. It is most certainly well played by most of the actors, and it is still worth watching as a grand kind of failure. Diahann mention it in The Legs Are The Last To Go as being a bad experience - a film about overcoming racism with a lot of racism going on behind the scenes. Time Magazine wrote in their review in 1967: "Obviously, Hurry Sundown was intended as a paean to racial justice, but Producer-Director Otto Preminger chooses strange ways to display his big brotherhood. One sequence shows Negro sharecroppers singing a white-eyed hallelujah number reminiscent of those '40s films that pretended to liberalize but patently patronized. Two hours of such cinematic clichés make the viewer intolerant of everyone in the film, regardless of race, creed or color." To balance this, Variety wrote: "Otto Preminger has created an outstanding, tasteful but hard-hitting, and handsomely-produced film . . . Told with a depth and frankness, the story develops its theme in a welcome, straight-forward way that is neither propaganda nor mere exploitation material."


Michael Caine....Henry Warren 
Loring Smith....Thomas Elwell 
Peter Goff....Lipscomb 
Jane Fonda....Julie Ann Warren 
George Kennedy....Sheriff Coombs 
John Phillip Law....Rad McDowell 
Luke Askew....Dolph Higginson 
Robert Hooks....Reeve Scott 
Beah Richards....Rose Scott 
Burgess Meredith....Judge Purcell 
Donna Denton....Sukie Purcell 
Madeleine Sherwood....Eula Purcell 
Frank Converse....Reverend Clem De Lavery 
William Elder....Bishop 
Steve Sanders....Charles McDowell 
Dawn Barcelona....Ruby McDowell 
Faye Dunaway....Lou McDowell 
Joan Parks....Kissie 
David Sanders....Wyatt McDowell 
Michael Henry Roth....Timmy McDowell 
Gladys Newman....Mrs. Coombs 
John Mark....Colie Warren 
Diahann Carroll....Vivian Thurlow 
Rex Ingram....Professor Thurlow 
George Trussell....Doctor for Rose 

Writing credits
Horton Foote
K.B. Gilden (novel)
Thomas C. Ryan
Directed by
Otto Preminger

The movie premiered February 6, 1967.


Released on DVD in 2011.


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