White Collar (2009-2012)

Diahann have a recurring role in the USA Network hit series, White Collar. She plays June, and this is what she said about her character in an February 2010 interview:

The creator, actually, is the person who approached us about doing this role and he really understood the period of time that was-my character, June-that was her hey-day and I thought, well, this is going to be really great fun because it goes back to the period of the Rat Pack and she was, obviously, a part of it to the degree where she was married to one of the musicians, or-it's not exactly clear what he wants to do with that area of it and that's another thing that I love-the creativity as you go along. That's how she meets the main character, getting rid of some of the clothing that she has kept, her memorabilia from that period that was a wonderful time in her life, but actually, he has a great feeling for that period of time, and so it's been, really, a joy being there and doing it.

Asked what she think attract viewers to the series, she had this to say:

Oh, so many things and not only is Matt beautiful, and his partner Tim, is a very handsome man also, the writing is outstanding, I think, and the look of it, it brings you into it immediately. You want to know what is going on in that set and you want to know who these people are, that operate in that-it's a very-it grabs you, as we say on the ... It's a grabber and, once again, I must make comment about the writing. It's really wonderful.

In another 2010 interview, series writer Joe Henderson said to interviewer Tim O’Shea:

Diahann is awesome. I don’t know the exact story of her casting—I believe Jeff [Eastin, series creator] wanted someone classy who tied Neal to the Rat Pack kind of world and we were lucky enough to get her. We have an upcoming episode with her and Billy Dee Williams that plays with that world. It’s fantastic, and has a wonderfully charming scene where she and [series lead Matt] Bomer [who plays Neal Caffrey] sing a duet. Plus, BILLY DEE WILLIAMS! I mean, how cool is that?

See a clip of Diahann singing in an episode of White Collar here.

The series has been renewed for a fourth season.


Matthew Bomer ... Neal Caffrey
Tim DeKay ... Peter Burke
Willie Garson ... Mozzie
Tiffani Thiessen ... Elizabeth Burke
Sharif Atkins ... Jones
Natalie Morales ... Lauren Cruz
James Rebhorn ... Reese Hughes
Alexandra Daddario ... Kate
Diahann Carroll ... June

Created by Jeff Eastin


First three seasons released on DVD and on Blu-Ray.

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