• Born as Carol Diann Johnson in Harlem, NYC on July 17, 1935
  • Parents: John and Mabel Johnson. 
  • Diahann's parents had to leave their daughter with one of Mabel's sisters when she was just one and a half year old. She stayed there for over a year.
  • Mr. John Johnson worked as (among other things) a subway conductor, for a while he worked at a printing company. He also rented out rooms near where they lived in Harlem.
  • Mrs. Mabel Johnson stayed home to take care of Diahann, and later Lydia, when they were children.
  • Diahann's parents divorced circa 1968.
  • Diahann have a younger sister, Lydia.
  • Diahann married Monte Kay in 1956. They had first met when he worked as casting director for House of Flowers. Mr. Kay was from Brooklyn and Diahann's father had serious problems accepting his daughter wanted to marry a white man, but he soon came over it. Together Diahann and Monte had one child, a daughter they named Suzanne. She was born September 9, 1960. They divorced some time later, but remains friends until this very day.
  • Diahann had a nine year long relationship with actor Sidney Poitier. They planned to marry several times, but it never worked out. Ms Carroll describes in her 1986 autobiography Diahann! a destructive on-and-off relationship that led nowhere.
  • Diahann was for a time engaged to David Frost (they had their engagement party in November, 1972). They split up before they ever came to marriage, but Diahann still describes Mr. Frost as one of the best things that ever happened to her.
  • Diahann's second husband was Freddie Glusman, whom she married in 1973. Mr. Glausman owned a chain of women's shops. The marriage ended very soon and very abrupt when Diahann had to call the police because of Mr. Glausman's violent tendencies.
  • Diahann Carroll's third husband was a Jet Magazine managing editor named Robert DeLeon. They wed in May, 1975. They were still married when he was killed in a car accident on March 31, 1977.
  • Singer Vic Damone became Diahann's fourth husband in January of 1987. By then they had already been a couple for a few years. They divorced in 1996.
  • Diahann Carroll was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998. She underwent a lumpectomy in May of that year, and had 12 weeks of radiation treatments. She is now free of cancer, and has spent much time informing about cancer and mammography. (See "Charity".)
  • Diahann is the proud grandmother of daughter Suzanne's two children.
  • Diahann Carroll & Monte Kay

    Diahann and F. Glausman

    Diahann with Bob DeLeon

    Above: Diahann, daughter Suzanne
    and Julia
    co-star Mark Copage. To
    the left: Suzanne and Diahann.
    Diahann Carroll and Vic Damone
    So, why Diahann Carroll instead of Carol Diann Johnson you might ask? It actually came about as a suggestion from a friend of Diahann, Elissa Oppenheim. Together they wanted to appear on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (a then popular TV show). They wrote a letter presenting them selves as Oppenheim and Johnson. When they showed up for the audition they were sent back home - the producer thought Oppenheim and Johnson sounded like an old vaudeville team! Elissa then came up with new names for the both of them - she changed hers to Lisa Collins, and suggested that Carol Diann would change hers to Diahann Carroll. Diahann accepted, thinking it was only for the moment... (Ms. Carroll found out later, at age 15, that the "Diahann" spelling of her name actually was on her birth certificate!)